I saw Oliver for what I thought was hip pain and soreness. I write this the next day, pain and soreness free. Thanks Oliver. I wish I had called you sooner.


Long live your hands


A very competent and highly qualified massage therapist. I have recommended other friends to this very nice man and they have been very happy with their treatment as have I. Oliver Hicks is very thorough and enthusiastic. Highly recommended.


Since i last saw you i played 5 days of golf and was mostly pain free. This is amazing after 4 sessions with you. I have spent over 10 years with pain, over this time I have tried massage, acupuncture , physio, laser and anything else i came across. So thank you for significantly improving my quality of life.


Oliver was incredible!!
I would highly recommend him to anyone with back pain as I went in with severe muscle spasms and it’s helped me immensely.

Anne M

A very 1st class experience with Hicks Health, made things very simple and clearly explained things, also managed to rectify a nagging shoulder problem very easily. Would highly recommend.

Nick J

Great service. Knows his trade at an expert level. I had very gratifying results. Would highly recommend

Nachappa J

I have been going to Hicks Health for over a year now, as I run a lot and it really impacts my calf muscles. Oliver is great, and has built a strong rapport with me. The impact on my running has been so positive, and when I suffered a consistent injury/pain, he managed to sort this quickly and get me back into my long distance training quickly. He is really professional, and also great fun in our sessions. Would highly recommend.

Caroline M

Great guy who knows his stuff, and really friendly and approachable too. It's always amazing to find someone who genuinely cares about their work!

Luke A

Great all round treatment. Helps keep me moving and pain free. Would really recommend!

Deborah C

Oliver's treatment is amazing. It lasts longer than previous osteopaths' I have been going to. You can tell that he truly cares about his patients. He always gives as much of his time as he can and takes the time to answer any question I might have. He is very enthusiastic, open-minded, gentle and caring. We always have a nice chat, so each session goes by quickly.I will be moving soon, but I'll keep going to Hicks Health.
I highly recommend!

Aziza L

I'm relieved to have found a good osteopath in my area. I was suffering from a lot of shoulder and lower back pain, which a year of lockdown and working from home has caused. His treatments were extremely effective and I will be keeping his deets on speed dial!!


Highly recommended. Magic hands. He treated my shoulder last year with a fantastic result. Same with my hip now. Thanks Oliver.

Paula M

I saw Oliver for a bout of lower back pain and groin pain about a year ago. I found him extremely knowledgeable and professional yet friendly. He took time to understand my pain and put together a programme of massage and manipulations to help improve the symptoms. After four sessions my symptoms we're almost gone and after a few weeks of doing some simple exercises Oliver have me to do at home I was completely cured and have had no problems since!
I fully reccomend Oliver to anyone who is having issues with their back!

Robbie R

Ollver is a star, he listened to my concerns, found the problems and helped me massively. I highly recommend him.

Carrina S

Oliver is warm, welcoming and professional. He took the time to properly listen to the details of my injury before conducting a a thorough examination to find the source. After identifying the source, he explained what it was, why it had likely happened and the course required to rectify the issue. An excellent experience from start to finish.

Joseph L

A visit to Oliver is a regular event in my calendar. I was advised by a fitness instructor that my exercise regime would benefit from a monthly sports massage. Each session Oliver sorts out any particular joint/soreness issues, I am in my 60’s so there are a few, and then I have a sports massage. Oliver is knowledgeable, professional and an extremely nice person. I would, and do, highly recommend him.

Teresa C

Oliver has helped to reduce my chronic back pain significantly! He is really knowledgeable, explains your difficulties well, and gives you helpful advice. I'm pleased to say that the effects have been long-term, and would recommend him to anyone.

Pooja K

Amazing! After going to 3 physios and 2 other Osteos, Oliver was able to sort out some of my lower back & shoulder pain, as well as help me loosen up some ridiculously tight hips that were causing a lot of the issues. Was so happy with him that I convinced my girlfriend to go as well, and she is now being treated for headaches & shoulder pain and very pleased with the results.

Super impressed with his knowledge & how much he cares about helping people who are in pain!

Connor C

Really attentive, knowledgeable and professional, and sorted out my problem in one session to boot. I'm not a regular patient to osteopaths by any means but I've had a handful of appointments over my lifetime at different places from childhood to adulthood, and certainly recommend this one.

Marisa M

Would recommend Hicks. He offers a highly professional service with a personal touch.

Frederik B

The service i received was professional, courteous and made things better. I felt listened to and found the advice given balanced and sensitive. Thank you so much!

Elzbieta C

The service i received was professional, courteous and made things better. I felt listened to and found the advice given balanced and sensitive. Thank you so much!


I was impressed that Oliver combined his osteopathy skills with his sports massage skills, resulting in a more ‘blended’ approach.

I felt comfortable and safe (as I do tend to get nervous with people manipulating my back!). Oliver really takes an interest and is keen to help. I look forward to my next appointment!


Michellle H

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