Initial consultation. 45 mins - £60.00

Follow up sessions. 30 mins - £45.00

Follow up sessions. 45 mins - £60.00

Home Visit initial consultation - £85.00

Home Visit follow up session - £85.00

Sports massage

Sports massage- 1 hr - £55.00

Sports massage- 45 mins - £45.00

Sports massage- 30 mins - £35.00

Home Visits - 1hr only -£85.00

Sports taping

Taping only - £20.00

Taping (as part of sports massage or ost apt) .-£5.00


Please note. For home visits please allow an extra ten minutes per appointment to allow for the set up of plinth. Please be aware that a minimum of 8ft x 4ft will be needed to accommodate the massage table. If unsure please call 0208 088 0442.


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