Oliver Hicks M.Ost

Osteopath Oliver Hicks graduated from The British School of Osteopathy with a Masters Degree in Osteopathy and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and The Institute of Osteopathy.

Being a keen amateur sportsman his interest in osteopathy began after being successfully treated for a sporting injury many years ago. He was fascinated by the holistic approach that the practitioner used taking into account the whole person rather than simply treating his presenting injury. This initial spark has developed into a full blown passion.

Oliver is enthusiastic and positive in his approach to patient care investing great time and energy to make sure the patient receives the most appropriate treatment and the best possible outcomes.

He is also qualified in medical acupuncture as well as being an experienced sports massage therapist. Oliver has practiced in a number of clinical settings from retirement homes to dedicated sports injury clinics giving him a large amount of experience treating patients of all ages with a wide array of conditions.

Oliver has also recently completed training in the treatment of persistent chronic pain using mindfulness techniques and osteopathy to help patients suffering from persistent chronic pain to live more fulfilled lives.

Oliver typically works with women between the ages of 65-75 who have been struggling with the challenge of joint or arthritic pain for over a year. They often find their restricted mobility and pain limits their ability to do what they enjoy which significantly affects their quality of life. He aims to greatly reduce their pain and significantly increase their mobility so they can be more active and lead more fulfilled lives and return to the activities they love.

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Osteopath Oliver Hicks, Principal Osteopath at Hicks Health Osteopathy Clinic

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