Class 4 Laser Therapy

MLS Class 4 laser therapy can be used to reduce pain and inflammation in musculoskeletal disorders and injuries and joint pain. Patients will often see an improvement in the treatment area from the first session in conditions where muscle spams and contracture is present, patients will feel the pain relief instantly, enabling treatment to be much more comfortable.

Laser treatment can used to help with the following

  • Muscle spasm and pain - feel the muscle spasm relax and pain decrease during the first treatment
  • Swelling - Can often reduce swelling after just one session
  • Inflammation- Will start to decrease immediately after the first treatment
  • Wound healing - soft tissue repair will be quicker and stronger

Class 4 laser is a great new tool for the clinic and combined with Osteopathy, massage and acupuncture will help us to be able to help more patients out of pain, quickly and get back to doing the activities they love.


To see if Class 4 Laser Therapy might be suitable for you just book a free 15 minute chat, either by phone or in person to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Just call 0208 088 0442 or book online by clicking on the book now button.


Laser treatment worked wonderfully on my inflamed foot. Just two treatments later and I am much more comfortable.

Jackie S, Sevenoaks 

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