Bromley Back Pain Clinic

We are an osteopathic and sports massage clinic in Bromley providing a full back pain clinic service. We incorporate a range of treatments including osteopathy, acupuncture, massage and laser therapy to provide lasting relief from back pain.

Back pain is often related to pain in other areas. We are experts at diagnosing the causes of your pain, and also treat various related conditions such as problems with the hips and neck. You can make an appointment easily online, or if you would like more advice, book a free 15-minute no-commitment chat to discuss your symptoms and the most appropriate treatment for you.

Man with low back pain

"Oliver has helped to reduce my chronic low back pain significantly! He is really knowledgeable, explains your difficulties well, and gives you helpful advice. I'm pleased to say that the effects have been long-term, and would recommend him to anyone."

Pooja, Bromley

"My mum woke up one morning with crippling back and leg pain and Oliver squeezed her in for an appointment at short notice. I'm pleased to say just over a month later, mum is happily walking around again and just in time for our holiday too. Oliver was very professional, kind and compassionate. We can't recommend him enough, thank you so much!"

Elise, Google Review

"Robert was extremely professional, kind and knowledgeable. I got a brilliant treatment with my first session and excellent exercises to practise at home. I highly recommend Robert."

Alicia, Google Review

"I have been seeing Oliver for a year now since I started getting difficulties with my neck and I have not regretted this one bit. He has encyclopaedic knowledge about his field and a great passion for what he does. He always explains what he is doing and he is so well researched and up to date on the different methodologies used. 1 year on and I feel more confident and pain free. Thank you Oliver!"

Hasti, Google Review

"I've been treated by Oliver for years for neck, back and calf tension. Very effective treatment. Recommended him to my mum who was also impressed and sees Oliver regularly now. Recently she had a course of acupuncture and was very pleased with the results. Recommended."

Sophia, Google Review

"It had been recommended to me to see an Osteopath and was very happy to locate one close by. I’m so glad to have met Oliver who has literally given me my life back by sorting out my back pain in as little as three sessions! I have never felt so much better and have exercises that I can do myself at home. Oliver is a lovely person and always enjoyed our chats during the sessions."

Nicky, Google Review

Woman suffering with back pain

Causes of Back Pain

Low back pain is a very common problem, with reports suggesting as many as eight out of ten of us will suffer from it at some point during our lives. Around 5.6 million working days in the UK are lost each year, second only to stress.

Low back pain can affect anyone at any age, and can often be the result of a sprain or a strain of the structures of the back such as the muscles, ligaments, joints or damage to the discs. Osteoarthritis or wear and tear in the back can also be a reason.

Most of us know that back pain can be painful and inconvenient, but it’s not usually serious and will often resolve on its own in a few days. However, many people seek osteopathic treatment to address it quickly and at a time and place of their own choice; and osteopaths are skilled at helping prevent back pain from becoming a chronic, long-term condition.

Our Approach to Back Pain Treatment

Osteopaths are well known for treating back pain and patients report high satisfaction with treatment. There is good quality evidence supporting the beneficial effects of manipulation for back pain and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence recommends osteopathy for sub-acute and chronic low back pain.

Osteopaths can use a wide range of gentle manual treatments depending on your age, fitness and diagnosis. We may gently massage the soft tissues of your back or rhythmically “rock” the joints to release tension and sometimes we may gently manipulate the back to loosen the joints and you may hear a “click”

Treatment is different in every individual and sometimes it might involve treating other areas in the body such as the hips or neck
We may offer advice on your lifestyle particularly if we feel something you are doing repetitively is part of the reason why you have back pain. We may offer advice on your posture and give advice on diet and exercise or give you specific exercises.

Osteopathy is regulated in the UK by the General Osteopathic Council and is one of the 14 recognised Allied Health Professions, with many osteopaths working in musculoskeletal departments of the NHS.

“Many people think their back pain is a fact of life and something that they have to put up with, but it's really not the case. Most back pains are easily treatable with osteopathy and similar therapies. We are also ergonomic experts and can show you how to set up your work and home environment to ensure your back stays healthy and you avoid more pain in the future.”

Oliver Hicks M.Ost, Clinic owner

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Our Bromley Clinic

Our Bromley Clinic is conveniently situated in a peaceful location in South Bromley. We offer a range of treatments including osteopathy, sports massage, pregnancy massage and acupuncture, and our helpful staff are on hand to give you any advice you require.

You can find all the information you need for your visit, including parking, public transport and accessibility, on our Bromley clinic information page.

Back Pain and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the leading causes of back pain. The weight of the unborn baby not only places great strain on the lower back, but pregnancy hormones can also cause a softening of certain structures in the spine, making conditions such as sciatica more likely. After birth, carrying your baby can also cause strain on the spine and muscles of the lower back.

Osteopathy does not use drugs and is a safe treatment to use during pregnancy. All osteopaths are trained in treating women during all stages of pregnancy, helping to ensure you stay strong, healthy and pain-free during pregnancy and beyond.

Woman suffering from back pain during pregnancy

Book an Appointment

Booking is easy using our online system, or call us on 0208 088 0442  and our expert staff will be happy to help. There are no long wait times and appointments are usually available within 24-48 hours.

To discuss your symptoms and the best treatment for you, a free 15-minute telephone or in-person chat is also available.

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