We Are Here
To Stop Pain And Discomfort
Ruining Your Day

At Hicks Health Osteopathy Bromley we offer a free, no commitment 15 minute chat.
Just click the book now button to see if we can help.

Osteopath performing a lumbar spin manipulation side lying e

Don't Let Pain And Discomfort
Ruin Your Day

At Hicks Health Osteopathy Bromley we offer a free, no commitment 15 minute chat.
Just click the book now button to see if we can help.

Don't Let Pain And Discomfort
Ruin Your Day

At Hicks Health Osteopathy Bromley we offer a free, no commitment 15 minute chat.
Just click the book now button to see if we can help.

You are in good hands

97% of all patients who visited Hicks Health in the last year rated their experience as at least 9/10

Pay What You Can Afford Remote-Video Osteopathy For All.

Due to the current social distancing measures in place I am currently offering Osteopathic consultations via online video or telephone in order to keep providing you with support for any chronic or acute pain and injuries you may be experiencing. During these difficult times we want to help support the local community in any way we can, so these are available to you for free. But donations based on what you can afford will be greatly appreciated. 

The appointment will consist of a detailed case history taking, questions will be asked about your pain and symptoms, I will ask you to move in certain ways to see how your pain is aggravated, and we will come up with a solution involving stretches, exercises, soft tissue techniques you can apply yourself, as well as other self management ideas to help alleviate your pain.

If you would like to know more about this service, or if you have any questions or concerns about any issue or pain you may be experiencing please call 0208 088 0442 or book online via the website and we will help you in any way we can.

Osteopath Oliver Hicks Performing osteopathy and sports massage 0n a patient with low back pain

If you've ever felt frustrated with ongoing pain or discomfort then we're here to help.

At Hicks Health Osteopathy Bromley our clinic’s top priority and motivation is to relieve pain and enable you to resume your normal activities as quickly as possible.

We are committed to giving you a thorough assessment, quick diagnosis of the real cause of your pain, not just the symptoms and help you back to health.

No two bodies are the same and neither are our treatments.

We give bespoke, effective and comfortable treatment, rehabilitation and exercise advice to help you manage your condition and get you on the mend.

If you're unsure whether we can help, you can either call us on 0208 088 0442 or click the BOOK NOW button and arrange a convenient and free 15 minute, confidential chat at the clinic.

We are very happy to discuss your issue and answer any questions or concerns you may have.



A detailed look into your biomechanics, lifestyle and other factors in order to address the root cause of your symptoms. Some conditions our Osteopaths treat include acute and chronic pain, trapped nerves, muscle spasms, headaches related to the neck or back and arthritic pain.


Our Sports Massage Therapist can help reduce fatigue, alleviate swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility, prevent injuries and prepare you for optimal performance. A must have pre/post event, during training cycles and when recovering from injury.


Medical acupuncture is a therapeutic technique that involves inserting fine needles into points across the body to encourage healing and pain relief. Also referred to as ‘western acupuncture’, the practice differs from the Chinese practice it derives from. While still using needles to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities.

What Our Patients Say


I saw Oliver for what I thought was hip pain and soreness. I write this the next day, pain and soreness free. Thanks Oliver. I wish I had called you sooner.


A very competent and highly qualified massage therapist. I have recommended other friends to this very nice man and they have been very happy with their treatment as have I. Oliver Hicks is very thorough and enthusiastic. Highly recommended.


Long live your hands.


Since i last saw you i played 5 days of golf and was mostly pain free. This is amazing after 4 sessions with you. I have spent over 10 years with pain, over this time I have tried massage, acupuncture , physio, laser and anything else i came across. So thank you for significantly improving my quality of life.

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If you aren't sure if we can help? We provide a free 15 minute chat, either by phone or at the clinic to answer any questions or concerns you may have.